We adopt a customer-oriented approach and place the right people in the right positions.

We choose the high potential candidates with fair evaluation and make career planning for them.

We evaluate our employees in tasks where they can use their potential effectively and create value in achieving the Group's main objectives.

We create a business environment that is reassuring and open to new ideas without giving up our ethical perspective.

We care about systematic evaluation of employees, improving their performance and establishing long-term cooperation based on the needs and current strategies of all group companies

Working at GÜRMEN means!

  • Treating every client and partner FAIRLY, HONESTLY and MORALLY
  • Acting with TARGET and GROWTH oriented approaches based on brand strategies
  • Acting in TEAM SPIRIT with an understanding of FAMILY
  • Focusing on clients to make HAPPY CLIENTS
  • Having a sense of RESPONSIBILITY
  • Making TIMELY decisions and following the results
  • Showing CONSISTENCY and CONTINUITY in the manner of conduct and business
  • Adopting the CHANGE quickly and being OPEN TO CHANGE