Gürmen serves its country, employees, clients and all related communities by promoting definitive and sustainable common management values based on excellence, responsibility and social utility. These values guide our group in decision-making process.

Being Visionary and Inspiring img

Being Visionary and Inspiring

In every field of activity our group takes a leading role and act with a farsighted, pioneering and visionary perspective. The vision in our foundations guides us in contributing to improvement of our employees and inspiring the communities in our country and related regions by developing new products, services and projects.

Human-Oriented Approach img

Human-Oriented Approach

We believe the most important and distinctive factor in our management and carrying our group to the future is “human resources”. Based on unity and solidarity which comes from our roots, “respect to people” is at the center of our management mentality that was formed with tolerance and trust.

Responsibility and Awareness to People, Society and the Environment img

Responsibility and Awareness to People, Society and the Environment

Acting with environmental awareness to protect our country and our world is a crucial part of our responsibility to next generations. We show our sensitivity in our activities by making decisions that will improve the current and future conditions of related communities.

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Transparency and Fairness

In relations with our employees, partners, societies and institutions we act with the principle of transparency and a fair approach. We see this as a requirement of respect to our occupation and sustainability.

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We adopted the vision of our founders and that is being open to change and innovative. In every field of activity we develop innovative and pioneering designs, products and services that raise awareness. We complete them with certain certificates that protect industrial and intellectual property rights.

Solution-Oriented Approach img

Solution-Oriented Approach

In order to provide products and services contributing to the environment and related communities, we build our business processes using simple, definitive, data-driven systems that yield solutions. We work quickly, proactively and use a solution-oriented approach to meet the expectations of our clients and partners.

Acting Honestly and Morally img

Acting Honestly and Morally

In every field of activity we observe the principles of righteousness and honesty and codes of conduct. This perspective and course of action, embraced by our founders, is the most important indication of respect to our employees, partners and the community values and laws.