In today’s World, agriculture has a strong importance not only for Turkey, but the World as well, and Gürmen Group has invested in this sector with the awareness of social responsibility, bringing different products, from olive and olive oil to milk, for healthy generations.

The group started investing in this sector with Gökkale Agricultural and established Gökkale Farm producing milk in Devrekani Kastamonu. Gökkale Farm, which was established to support the region’s agriculture and livestock businesses, contribute to employment as a part of social responsibility of Gürmen group. The farm, with its modern production model, produces about 20,000 tons of raw milk per day. It also has a “Free From Infections Certificate”.

Devrekani Gökkale Farm is also active in livestock in an area of 1,500,000 m2. The farm also received an investment in biogas and produces 3,500 tons of fertilizer daily.

Another investment of the group in agriculture is in Karacasu Aydın where olive and olive oil production is carried out in an area of 5,5 million m2.

With its modern infrastructure and innovative production techniques, Gökkale Agricultural produces freshest and the most natural olives with highest quality. Produced with this special method, Vievi brand of olive oil is about to become one of the best olive oil brands in the world.