Gürmen Technology, operating at Yıldız Technical University Teknopark, not only develops projects in line with the Digital Transformation strategy of its group companies but also produces value-added digital projects for the leading companies of the retail sector.

Gürmen Technology was founded to bring new national digital projects in the retail sector, to make successful recruitments and to follow recent developments by being outward-oriented. The company is located in Yıldız Technical University TeknoPark campus. Gürmen Technology, which implemented many digital and national software projects, from sub-technical infrastructure to reporting, from customer analysis to business processes, under digitalization within the framework of the “Digital Transformation” strategy of its Group companies. It also provides “Digital Transformation”consultancy to leading companies in the retail sector and develops value added “Digital Projects”. Gürmen Technology is also developing projects  to transmit its “know-how” to other companies in different sectors.